Several times a week your toddler can attend dance classes at miniChiChi. We have classes where parents can dance with the children and toddler dance classes, where the parents leave their little ones in the capable hands of the dance teacher.

Every Friday Damoves teach toddler dance classes.

Our Dance teachers


Fun, freedom, rhythm and improvisation

Mini World dance Atelier for 1.5-4-year-olds with parents.

Mini Toddler Dance on Wednesdays for 2-3-year-olds.



After her training in dance and movement therapy, Simone started the teacher training at Codarts to expand her passion for dancing. In order to develop even further, she followed dance training in Senegal (l’Ecole des Sables), Ghana and Burkina Faso (Ecole de Danse Irène Tassembédo) in African modern and traditional dance. Simone teaches toddler dance, improvisation and dance lessons with many influences from African modern dance. She uses different types of music and works with rhythms. The children sing, practice, play and move, but most importantly: they have fun!

Besides warming up the body, demonstrating some exercises through dance and movement, she encourages the children and parents to use their own creativity. By doing that, she expands the different ways to move the body and lets everyone show their own qualities.


Freedom, peace, enjoyment, pleasure and individuality.

Mini & Me Dance Atelier for 1.5-4 year-olds with parents.

Anouk van Deursen teaches dance classes in Amsterdam and had her heart set on becoming a dance teacher ever since she discovered it was a feasible career option. After two years of dancing at amateur ballet schools, she started an MBO dance education in Haarlem, where she was taught teaching skills. Two years later she switched to the HBO Dance Education program at ArtEZ in Arnhem, where she obtained her diploma in 2015. She works for Amersfoort Art School, where they provide children’s ballet lessons. She also works at Chassé Dansstudio’s in Amsterdam, where she teaches toddlers and older children the joy of dancing.

Furthermore, she is involved in projects in primary schools and after-school lessons: “The best thing about this course is that you can see the pupils grow: their freedom to move and freedom in just being. That’s when dance can be fully enjoyed, which is one of the most important things in life“.

In these classes, the emphasis is on enjoyment and freedom. Toddlers naturally have one preferred way to move and in this class, they can let themselves go together with dad or mum. They’ll dance to inspirational music within a theme that appeals to them and enjoy the interaction through dance.