Every Sunday at 10.30 am it’s time for an interactive story for children from 0-7 years and their parents/carers. We searched high and low and found born storytellers who can bring a story to life in their own way.

Our Storytellers

Arjen Dijkstra

“Hare is tired of winter. Fox is going to organize a party to cheer her up. He invites their best friend Owl to the party, but there is also an uninvited guest at the door. ” Arjen Dijkstra tells the cheerful story of Fox and Hare. “A feast for the hare” after the beloved books by Sylvia Vanden Heede and Thé Tjng-Khing. With music and of-course Fox, Hare and Owl in the leading roles.



Every week Peggy demonstrates that she is a born charismatic and enthusiastic

storyteller. One Sunday amonth she will make children’s books come to life with the use of her homemade dolls and props. Every time she surprises us with yet another exciting story.


“Are you going on a bear hunt with Gaby?”

Gaby van Leyenhorst, 34, is a mother of two small boys and working with children has been her passion for years. After years of working in childcare, she studied theatre and her focus shifted to teaching theatre to kids of all ages. She has had her own company Studio GabZ for a couple of years now, with the aim to make the young generation fond of theatre. She now joins us at the Minichichi club once a month.

Based on the book ‘We are going to hunt bears’ Gaby has created an interactive way of storytelling which is suitable for both young and old. She will make you experience the book in a playful way, with an emphasis on interaction and using your imagination. We will experience all sorts of exciting adventures. Snowstorms, rivers and dark forests. And maybe we’ll come across a bear …?

Come and join the adventures!