Family celebrations

Our goal is to arrange a party that lives up to your expectations

Are you looking for a light and cheerful place to celebrate a children’s party? We have an upstairs room that you can decorate to your liking or opt for our studio, which also lends itself well to parties.

We can arrange an activity for the children organized by the Moments4Kids teachers. These lessons are often seen as a nice addition to a party. The options include a 30 min music, dance, theatre or yoga class or any creative activity you could think of. The Moments4kids teachers are specialized in this age group and have both the experience and energy to take on a group of excited kids.

If you want to have the miniChiChi Club to yourself, then that’s possible on Sundays from 14.00 onwards. It is then up to you how you’d like to decorate the space.

We arrange snacks and drinks and if you want to bring your own cake, you can, but then we charge extra.

Extra options include:

  • An activity provided by a Moment4Kids teacher
  • Make a personalized cake
  • Nice crafts for the little ones
  • Decorate the space

Baby Shower

Throw your favourite mum-to-be a personal baby shower at Minichichi’s.

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